About Me

My name is Jeff Kosmoski.  I'm single-handedly trying to shake-up the guitar-making industry and bring it into the modern age.

My background is in mechanical engineering and product design.   
My passion is playing guitars, and making guitars. 

Not two-dimensional guitars that are rooted in 1950s technology; but guitars with bodies that are ergonomic, organic, curvaceous, and three-dimensional.  Bodies with visual excitement and sex appeal.  Bodies that wrap and naturally conform to the human body. 

And bodies that resonate, howl, scream and sing.

For the last 60 years or so, electric guitars have been trapped in a world that is basically two dimensional.  The Fender Telecaster (celebrating its 60th anniversary this year) and the Gibson SG are probably the best examples.  Interesting, classic designs that we all love and revere; but designs that are primarily 2D.  Their 2D profiles have some curves and angles (and maybe even a beveled or a radiused edge!!!).  But the front and back are essentially ignored; and left perfectly flat - and perfectly boring. 

60 years ago this approach made perfect sense, because technologically speaking, that was the state of the art.  However, times have changed.  The technology has changed.  Basically everthing ELSE in the world has changed during this time.  But for some reason, electric guitars haven't.

I think a change would do us good.  And I hope to do just that. 

Using modern CAD tools, and modern manufacturing techniques, I aim to bring guitar-design and guitar-building into the 21st century.  I hope you're interested in joining me!

I'm located in the great Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, OR.

Custom designs and CAD/CAM services available.  Please contact me for details.


KOZM Guitars: Modern guitars for modern times.  
Pushing the frontiers of digital lutherie!