My latest guitar: The LS-Performer

An acoustic guitar, with a custom hard-tail bridge, and a conventional magnetic pick-up.

 LS-1 LS-1-2

The pickup is a Joe Barden "S-Deluxe".  On the right, the custom hard-tail bridge, mounted on an ebony base.  It allows for full adjustment of height and intonation.

LS1-3 LS-1-4

The knobs were made with a 3D printer.  Tone knob is push-pull; which toggles the pickup from both coils in parallel - to both coils in series. 

Body woods from back to front: Mahogany, black maple, hard maple, Western Red Cedar


A view from the CAD screen, showing the "non-floating" support for the pickup mount.  This accomplishes two things:

1) It allows the front sound-board to resonate (by not being burdened by the extra weight of the pickup).

2) It reduces the liklihood of feedback.


Some of my other guitars...

The following 2 guitars were built for one of my favorite customers, Dr. Rushapol Sdawat (Dominic), aka Dr. D.

The Eva 1 below has a non-floating Joe Barden Deluxe S pickup.

 Eva 1

Sitka spruce front.


Eva 1 - Back

Mahogany back.  The bolt-on neck has a hard maple center, flanked by mahogany, and a Bolivian rosewood headstock.


Eva 1

A close-up of the non-floating pickup mount and control panel, as well as the pinless bridge.


Eva 1 

Player's view of the pickup mount.  The mount doesn't contact the front soundboard, allowing the soundboard to resonate more freely.


Eva 1 

Eva 1

The above 2 diagrams illustrate the non-floating nature of the pickup mount.


 The next guitar is the Eva 3.  It has an LR Baggs Anthem system, consisting of an under-saddle piezo, an under-bridge mic, and a control module.

Eva 3

Western red cedar front.


Eva 3 

Mahogany back.


Eva 3


Eva 3 

Side view showing body curvature and ergonomics.


Eva 3 

A CAD screenshot of the integral internal bracing of the front body-half.



The following 2 guitars (Kiak 1 above, Kiak 3 below) were also built for Dr. Rushapol Sdawat (Dominic), a player who's greatly interested in ergonomic guitars.

 Kiak 1 Front


Kiak 3 Front

Maple front, mahogany back.  Integrated bracing in both halves.

East Indian rosewood used for fretboard, bridge and soundhole "rosettes".


CAD image

This is what the CAD model looked like.


Kiak 3 Side

24.75" scale length.


Position 1

Playing position # 1


Position 2

Playing position #2


You Tube video 



The following 3 guitars are custom designs, also made to satisfy the ergonomic, aesthetic and tonal sensibilities of Dr. D.
The "Daphne" has a set of Joe Barden Nashville T-style pickups.  The body is made of maple and alder.

Dr D Daphne 0 Dr D Daphne 1 Dr D Daphne 2 


This one has a set of Jason Lollar Charlie Christian pickups.  The body is made of maple and alder.

Dr D - Charlie Christian - 0 Dr D - Charlie Christian - 1

Dr D - Charlie Christian - 2 KOZM ergonomic guitar


This one has a set of Don Mare pickups.  The body is made of black walnut and hard maple.

Dr D - Nat - 0 KOZM ergonomic guitar

Dr D - Nat 2 Dr D - Nat 3


The guitar below is the BB-1; the forerunner of the BB-2.

Click on image for larger photo.

G3sexy guitar ass butt woman femaleG3

The guitar below is the MT-1 (Mutated Tele).  It's an earlier version of the MT-3.  It was basically a study to see how much depth I could create in a guitar body.

I placed the "F-holes" in the back, to see if it would affect its ability to feedback, when performing in front of an amp.


This guitar (below) is the AW-3; one of the forerunners to the AW-5.

G2Sexy guitar curves voluptuous

The guitar below is the AW-2.  Whereas the AW-5 is chambered, the AW-2 is solid ash - and notably thinner.


This is the SB-3, the guitar that basically started my journey of designing guitars with 3D CAD solid-modeling programs.

Rather, um, provocative, and maybe a bit too sexy for players with more conservative sensibilities, I've put this design on the back-burner for now, as I pursue more conventional designs.

sexy guitar breasts tits female nipples woman shapesexy guitar breasts tits female nipples woman shape sexy guitar breasts tits woman female sexy guitar breasts tits female nipples woman shape butt ass sexy guitar breasts tits female nipples woman shape YouTube link

The SB-3 has a chambered ash body, a 3-way pickup-selector switch, fun-ctioning tone and volume knobs, and 2 Seymour Duncan pickups.