The underlying design objective at KOZM guitars is to flee from flatness - and try to make guitars that are organic, natural and ergonomic.  No sharp edges, and no broad, boring expanses of flat. 

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Acoustic Guitar Models

The Heresies

Heresy – Any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, mores, etc.

Heresy acoustic ergonomic guitar KOZM Heresy acoustic ergonomic guitar KOZM
Heresy 1                       Heresy 2

The VooDoo Child

The VDC sports a hardtail bridge (typically found on electric guitars), a more ergonomic body style, and voodoo-infused swamp ash, straight from the most voodoo-rich swamps of the planet!

KOZM VooDoo Child 1

VooDoo Child

People often ask if KOZM acoustic guitars sound different than a typical acoustic guitar.  Given that they’re made by an entirely different process, and given that they look somewhat different than a conventional guitar, one would naturally expect that they might sound different as well. 

They DO sound different - but not by much.  Different enough to give the adventurous, non-conventional guitarist a new and exciting sonic-pallet to work with.  Similar enough that the conventional listener may not even notice.

Check out the video below for a good idea of how they compare to a conventional guitar.

You Tube Vid

Electric Guitar Models

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AW (Arched Wave)

BB (Back Bender)

MT (Mutated Tele)

AW 6 - Body    
BB 3 -Awe Naturale    
MT body