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AW6-3 (Arched Wave) Awe Naturale

AW6- Full view AW6-Body Front AW6-Body side AW6-Close up - control panel

Body: Ergonomic, organic, wrap-around, Arched-Wave design.  Made with tonally-resonant maple in the center spine, 2 strips of beautiful ribbon mahogany, followed with a strong, mellowing finish of eastern ash in the outer planks. 

Sound: Very similar to a Fender Stratocaster.  Chimey country twang in the bridge pickup.  Nice "squawnk" when combining the bridge and middle pickup (position 2).  A very satisfying mid-range voice in position 3 (combining the bridge and neck pickups).  And cooler tonalities from switch positions 4 and 5.

The body is organically chambered, to minimize weight without sacrificing acoustic mass and inertia.
(Scroll to the bottom of this link for further details about chambering.)

Weight: 7 lbs

Color: Candy Red Awe Naturale

Neck:  25.5" scale length, dual truss-rod maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard.  Compound radius.  6150 frets.

   - Volume and tone, with custom, ergonomic, no-slip, Polyjet knobs 
   - Contoured, stereo-lithographed control-panel cover, made of tough, glass-filled nylon 
   - 5 Way Schaller selector switch

    - Bridge: Dimarzio DP 176 - True Velvet
    - Middle: Dimarzio DP 175S - True Velvet
    - Neck: Dimarzio DP 175 - True Velvet

Bridge:  String-through Gotoh hardtail

Tuners: Comfortably ergonomic Gotoh 510 Black Cosmo tuners

Price: $2395 -  Contact me for details.

Back view Back view 2 Close up - wood grain Headstock



MT5-1 (Mutated Tele)

Full view Front iso Close up, front Player's view

Body: Ergonomic, curvaceous and sexy.  The MT5 gently and naturally conforms to the human body.  Using some of the classic Fender Telecaster hardware, the guitar then deviates from the flat, 1950s styling of its classic predecessor, and morphs into something far more natural, elegant and compelling.

The center spine is constructed from sonically pure, high-density, high-sustain maple.  The spine is flanked by 2 planks of black walnut.  The remaining body is made Eastern Ash. 

The body is organically chambered; both to minimize weight and enable an interesting mix of acoustic resonances not produced by solid body guitars.  Two of the chambers are "ported", while the other two are sealed.

Weight: 7.9 lbs

Color: Blonde beige

Neck:  25.5" scale, dual truss-rod maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard.  Compound radius.  6150 frets.  Nut: White Graph Tech TUSQ

    Bridge:  Single coil, Dimarzio DP 178 True Velvet (215 mV)
    Neck:    Dual coil, Dimarzio DP 190 Air Classic, vintage output (206 mV)

Volume, Tone and 4 Way selector switch

Switch setup: 
    Position 1:  Bridge pickup only 
    Position 2:  Bridge pickup and one coil of the neck humbucker 
    Position 3:  One coil of the neck humbucker 
    Position 4:  Both coils of the neck humbucker

 Custom Polyjet knobs

Sound:  Playing through the bridge pickup (Position 1) produces an unmistakable, high-twang Tele sound - great for everything from clean, country chicken-picken to ear-piercing, mind-numbing, super-trebly distortion.

Front iso Back iso Clamp plate Headstock

Unlike a standard Tele however, switch positions 2 through 4 offer far more tonal variety -  from a Strat-like sound (position 2) to a cooler jazz sound (positions 3 and 4).

Bridge:  String through Gotoh Modern Bridge For Tele

Tuners: Gotoh 510 Black Cosmo tuners

Price:  $2395 -  Contact me for details.


BB3-1 (Back Bender)

BB3 - 0 BB3 - 14 BB3 - 18 BB3 - 6

Body:  This guitar screams "ergonomic".  It naturally conforms to the player's body.  No un-natural flat, board-like surfaces or edges that were popular in the 1950s (because that was the only way they knew how to make them).  KOZM Guitars are made the way electric guitars were meant to be made - for human beings.

This BB3 is made with maple in the center "spine" area, and Pacific alder in the outer areas.  The lighter alder helps keep the weight down, and provides a nice acoustic balance to the denser, stiffer maple. 

The body is also "organically chambered", which reduces the weight even further.  Scroll to the bottom of this link for more information on the chambering process.

Weight: 6.5 lbs

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Color:  KOZMic Kreme

Neck:  Mahogany with Indian rosewood fretboard and trapezoid inlays.  Double truss-rod.  24.75" scale length.

Tuners:  Gotoh Cosmo 510s, black

     - Bridge: Dimarzio DP 191 Air Classic (226 mV, 8.62 Kohm, Alnico 5 magnets)
     - Neck:   Dimarzio DP 190 Air Classic (206 mV, 8.34 Kohm, Alnico 5 magnets)

    - Volume and tone, with custom, no-slip, Polyjet knobs
    - Contoured, stereo-lithographed control-panel cover, made of tough, glass-filled nylon
    - 3 way switch (treble p-up, treble & neck p-ups, neck p-up)

Bridge:  Gotoh Tune-o-matic, with Gotoh stop-tailpiece

BB3 - 7 BB3 - 8 BB3 - 11 BB3 - 21

Sound:  With its 2 humbuckers, Tune-o-matic bridge, 24.75" scale length and maple spine, this guitar exists in a tonal space that is somewhere between a Gibson Les Paul and a Gibson SG.  Great sustain.  Nice treble from the bridge pickup, and a rich, deep cooly-jazz sound from the neck pickup.  

Price: $2395 -  Contact me for details.

BB3 - 33 BB3 - 27 BB3 - 34


Custom Designs:

Please contact me if you're interested in a custom color, different hardware, or have ideas for a custom design.


To purchase: 

Contact me via email to get the ball rolling.  After the shipping details are worked out, payment can be made via PayPal or cashiers check.  Once I receive the payment, the guitar ships.  Shipping within the US typically takes between 3 to 5 days.  Shipping to Europe, about 5 days.  Australia and the far east between 6 and 10 days.  The buyer pays for shipping.

For more information, please contact me at jeff@kozmguitars.com


KOZM guitars are warranted to be free from all defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years after date of purchase. 
If it is shown that there is a defect due to the use of faulty materials or workmanship, KOZM Guitars will gladly repair the defect(s). If the guitar is deemed to be non-repairable, it will be replaced with an instrument of similar appearance, style and value.
This warranty does not cover any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way, or an instrument that has been damaged by abuse, misuse, or improper maintenance.
This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.