Heresy 1

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 Heresy 1 - Full Heresy 1 - Body 

Heresy 1 - Body Heresy 1 - Neck joint

Heresy 1 - Pinless bridge

Heresy 1 - Headstock

Heresy 1 - Body  Heresy 1 - Side view


Scale length: 24.75” (62.9 cm)

Intended string gauge: Custom lights (.011” to .052”)

Body woods:

            Body front options: Spruce, Hard Maple, Doug fir
            Back options: African Mahogany, Walnut
            Mid-ring options: Torrified oak, torrified maple

 Fretboard radii:
            At nut: 9” (15.3 cm)
            At 20th fret: 16” (40.6 cm)

            Hard maple center, flanked by African mahogany, Bolivian rosewood headstock, and East Indian rosewood fretboard.

CAD view of inside front

The stiffening system is machined directly out of the front half.


CAD view of inside back

A look at the stiffening system in the back half.

            East Indian rosewood, bone saddle.

 Nut width: 1.77” (45mm)

 String spread at saddle: 2.30” (58.3mm)


Price: $2395 base price -  Contact me for details or custom mods.