The MT (Mutated Tele)

MT3 - Full 1 MT3 - Body, front angle 1 MT5 - Body front, angle 2 MT5 - Controls, close up 1
MT3 - Player's view MT5 - Body, back 1 MT4 - Neck clamp plate MT4 - Body close up Headstock MT4 - End view

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Specs and Equipment:

My motivation for this guitar came from two directions: The Fender Telecaster, and the Gretsch 5125. I love the sound of the Gretsch because of its ability to deliver a nice country twang - but it also has an inherent "softness" - a result (primarily) of the hollow body construction.
The MT has a sound that is midway between the two, but closer to the Tele. The maple neck and Gotoh Modern Bridge for Teles provide the snappy twang that country players love, but the corian nut and chambered body soften up the edges, just a little.

Scale length: 25 1/2 "

     Bridge: Dimarzio DP 178 True Velvet (Single coil)
     Neck: Dimarzio DP 190 Air Classic Humbucker
     Tuners: Gotoh Midsize 510 Cosmo black

Strings: Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys (.010 to .046)
Bridge: Gotoh modern bridge for Teles

Neck: Modified Warmoth. Maple shaft, with Indian Rosewood fret-board. Double truss-rod system. Standard thin back contour. Compound radius (10" to 16"). 6150 frets.
Nut: White corian, 1 11/16" wide

Electronics: 4 way switch, volume and tone controls.
    1 - Bridge
    2 - Bridge + 1 coil of Neck humbucker
    3 - 1 coil of neck Humbucker
    4 - Full humbucker

Wood options:
There are 2 options available: Painted, and Awe Naturale    
     Painted: Alder, with maple spine
     Awe Naturale: Ash, with maple or mahogany spine.  Lightly stained and satin clear-coated, to get you as close to the wood as possible.  See the images below.

Colors: Standard colors include Cream, sunset orange, surf aqua, quasar purple, soft yellow, groovy blue, slippery salmon and righteous red.  Custom colors also available.

MT3 - Awe Naturale (CAD rendering) MT3 - Awe Naturale (CAD rendering) 

Weight: +/- 7.3 lbs, depending on wood choice.  The body is chambered, which minimizes the weight of the body and colors its tonal response.  See the images below for details.

MT3 - Internal chambering (CAD rendering) MT3 - Internal chambering MT3 - Internal chambering 3

Price: $2595 -  Contact me for details and options.